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  THANK YOU for being so patient!

  As authorities allow re-opening of business services following health guidelines, I will continue to work with one client at a time and maintain the proper health standards in order to keep us all safe. It has always been my promise to operate with integrity, which may mean additional patience from all of us at times to ensure the well being of everyone. Given the "new normal" of PPE and upgraded sanitation protocol, more time will be needed between clients to prepare for the next in order to provide you with the best service possible. 

Finally time to dust off my camera!

Got Grads??

  I am anticipating my first Saturday back in the studio! This is Grad season with families booking for portraits of their Grad  dressed in what would have been their 'Best' for their Zoom commencement ceremony online. Book your Grad mini session for a quick turnaround!

On Location Sessions
  Along with a face mask, a long lens, fresh air, sunshine, social and photo-distancing allows us to get back together safely.  Locations vary from clients home to local parks or beaches, as long as we do not congregate in groups, or sit on beach. Urban Cityscapes or a friend's awesome backyard are also great alternatives.

Studio Sessions
  This amazing and large studio has enough space to give comfort and distance for everyone. I am the only photographer to use the studio during Covid-19 and the studio will be sanitized in between clients. Hair & Makeup Professionals that operate aligned with health guidelines may be booked.


Please contact me direct for inquiries and consultations: 619-777-0370 or bookings@julielicariphotography.com 




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The future of Photographing with 'Distance Capturing' post quarantine https://julielicariphotography.com/blog/2020/5/photographing-with-distance-capturing-in-studio Hello Beautiful People!

 I hope you are safe and thriving during this time. My studio is dark due to quarantine and missing the sights & sounds of the camera shutter and lights poppin' along with silly & serious fun of photographing clients. 


I know I am not alone when I say I am looking forward to going back to 'Normal' and working with clients again. I began to think about what I can offer clients to ease their comfort level once we do. I am fortunate to work in a large private studio and can manage the environment. I will space bookings  with enough time built in to sanitize the studio between clients, and capture images by using long lenses. Make up and hair professionals will not be allowed  but be assured it is a temporary call. 

Photo Aug 28, 7 44 03 PMPhoto Aug 28, 7 44 03 PM

Here are examples of how far away I am from client at one of the headshot stations pre-Covid19


6 to 8 feet et are about right with this lighting set up.

Photo Jan 05, 10 08 20 AMPhoto Jan 05, 10 08 20 AM

In this pre-Covid19 shot,  I am about 6ft outside the studio with acting talent Madeline. 


I am about 8 to 10 feet away on this white sweep.


 This pre-Covid  set up was 6ft away. 

I have great hopes to get back to capturing great images and headshots real soon. It has been a struggle for everyone. Many will be returning to work or looking for new work when this is over. To make it a smoother transition, I am offering a Complimentary 30 minute Headshot Session for first-time clients. All sessions will take place in my studio once we get the green light to return to work. I look forward to meeting new clients real soon!

Please drop me an email to get on the list for your complimentary session: julielicariphotography@gmail.com

Until then, be well & healthy! 

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Post Quarantine Treat! https://julielicariphotography.com/blog/2020/5/post-quarantine-treat  

Need a dusting off post-quarantine?

Get back to work with new Headshot!


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How holiday mini sessions are captured https://julielicariphotography.com/blog/2019/12/how-holiday-mini-sessions-are-captured  Hello December!

 As a San Diego Photographer, my studio is transformed into a Winter Wonderland for holiday photos filled with friends, family, pets, and a lot of pretend snow...San Diego snow! I keep holiday mini sessions simple, fast, and fun as families don their winter wardrobe, 'ugly sweaters', and even matching holiday pajamas for their shoot. There is a lot of jumping around, smiles while everyone participates in throwing snow around the studio as I capture the fun.  Did I mention there's a lot of snow E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E !?!?! 

 Last shoot day for mini sessions is December 15th in time to turn around your holiday cards.

Here are a few images of all the action... 

Photo Dec 08, 2 49 17 PMPhoto Dec 08, 2 49 17 PM Photo Dec 08, 3 26 46 PMPhoto Dec 08, 3 26 46 PM Photo Dec 08, 3 14 23 PMPhoto Dec 08, 3 14 23 PM

4A7A6D62-64D7-4CCD-B222-60EFA2C8ECB7_1_201_a4A7A6D62-64D7-4CCD-B222-60EFA2C8ECB7_1_201_a 26CEE319-C7F5-45B8-9631-1762E3BBE8EE26CEE319-C7F5-45B8-9631-1762E3BBE8EE    E29E9DDF-BAE1-4364-89AD-B4EA2D774005E29E9DDF-BAE1-4364-89AD-B4EA2D774005  



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